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15 month old not talking just babbling

At that time he goes to blank state, seeing elsewhere but not at my eye. My Son is 16months old now. That turned out to be waste of money since by the time we got the results 6 weeks later Adam had gone through a tremendous growth spurt and was talking like a superstar. Not all kids that get vaccines get autism but a neuro toxin is not going to help your health either. You can’t read stories to her – she doesn’t comprehend being read to or what books/stories are. – sing full rhymes remembering all the words He is not walking yet and can walk between objects . also should i worry about his lack of many words. (And by the way, the result of the assessment was – “22 months is not old enough to determine a language delay”). She sings too often (may be because we made her listen to songs while eating). Hi Alex … Even I have same problem like u with my baby… I’m getting stress n worried more about this… Can u help me if u find any solution please, I was hoping someone would be able to give me some clarity. Before he use to smile to everybody and now he look at people he doesn’t now curiously. She makes excellent eye contact, points, is not set in her routine, is not scared by household appliance noises, and interacts nicely with others. When they suggested speech for our youngest we started to worry we were heading down the same path but sometime a speech delay is just a speech delay but I wouldn’t hesitate to get it checked just to make sure. She can say yes aka 'des' and she says a few words like ball, dada, birdy, baby, hi, etc. Your the mom and nobody knows better than you. As a baby he was good with eye contact. I´m scared when I read that a mommy realized her boy was autistic, although he´s hit all his milesones except a language delay… Thanks. I feel he gives more attention to TV and rhymes on youtube. One bad thing: Whenever we go out for a walk she take something like stone and keep with her..4 months before she use to carry tooth brush in her hand…very much obsessed. I’m only concerned because she has nephew two weeks older than her that always responds to his name,waves, points to what he wants, babbles a lot more and follows more simple commands (he doesn’t ignore you). She does softly laugh if played with, as long as you’re looking in her eyes and deliberately making her laugh. Don99fnm . I have 5 children, ages 4&under, maybe him not having my full attention constantly could be the cause of the way hes acting. Kids are all different. He can undress himself & help dress himself. Hi Lily, are you in a major city with a children’s hospital or behavior center that has experts who care for ex-preemies? He did what I thought was it in front of it PT a month or so ago and she she that was the beginning stages. He doesn’t “understand” concepts like clapping or hiding things or looking for people or things. My heart sinked when I heard it. However, I’m not able to do a comprehensive screen here (obviously). Should I be worried? Kindly suggest. Hi Emma Don't worry too much keep talking to him and reading books etc. At 18 months I realized he didn’t point and he never waved. Still not speaking properly, No mama, some time Papa said, its depend upon their mood, otherwise used different types of word. 18 months no words just gibberish: Hi mamas, DS had his shot yesterday and peds said he is delayed in speech. always grabs our hand to bring us places and using words to tell us what he wants even if we can’t understand. Plays and thinks peek-a-boo is funny around 9 months of age. Pls fill me in. She is very affectionate. She has always been unusually quiet for a baby – incredibly easy, it seemed! My son is now 19 months but was 3.5 weeks early. Dont bash people for being “anti-vaxers” noone is anti vax they are pro kids just as worried as you about whats healthy and whats not. We see very positive results in a lot of areas. He’s our second so we have a good idea what is normal and what isn’t. You seem to know what you are talking about, so I’m wondering if you think there is a connection between vegetables and sunlight and autism? Without knowing what caused the slow down in growth I can’t say it interfered with his development. Bring up your concerns specifically with the pediatrician at the 1 year check-up. If you don’t want the speech difficulties, don’t get the aluminum-containing vaccines. He was born at 38 weeks with torticollis, severe acid reflux, and was diagnosed at 4 months with central sleep apnea and then went back for another sleep study at 8 months and still had central sleep apnea. He only says two words “dog” and “cat”, though he will try to imitate sounds and things that I do (I’ve wondered if he’s saying more and I can’t understand it because I also have an auditory processing disorder). She does not babble or imitate, and she cannot yet wave, point, or clap. What do they mean by “eye contact”? He will pick the food up and bang it on his tray and look at it. She has shown no improvement for over a month. He responds to his name and is crawling, standing, and cruising, but does not point, clap, or wave. He taps them on the floor/table/ whatever. He doesn’t mind change. I will be relocating to Helsinki soon so I want to know what kind of therapy I can get if need be and What could be the waiting time? Most children respond to their name by the age of 12 months. Thanks (sorry for my English, I´m french). My husband is the one who pointed it out to me …for my son though it’s like he has no fear he dnt drink from a straw and dnt seem like he can hear me when I say his name I have a video of him with me trying to talk to him and say his name over and over again n he persisted on doing his own thing only seeing me once I notice it and ll the time but everyone else is telling me he is fine but I’m the one with him 24/7 no brakes. Hi, I have a 23 month old who I have had concerns about. although he can make all those sounds. I pray everyday for him . He will respond to his name but sometimes its like he pretends he doesn’t hear you. To put it clear, here are the speech development stages that a child experiences around 2 years old. He is two years and four months old. I feel much better having read your post. They told me that everything was fine and his behavior was due to the fact that I had just had a baby. He also used the milk sign with his hand early on and no longer. As with other skills and milestones, the age at which kids learn language and start talking can vary. he is stubborn, he recently started feeding himself with spoon. We will do whatever therapy he needs to give him the best chance as he ages, but I can’t help but worry in the mean time. He is very social with adults, loving and warm, makes eye contact with familiar listeners, but has trouble with non-preferred activities. Cannot stand unaided or walk and if she walks holding ur two hands she will do it on her tippee toes and then sit down after a couple of seconds.. Im worried as with older siblings i thought she be flying around.. any advice would be great.. Since 18-24 months is generally when kids have language explosions, it’s definitely worthy of a conversation with your pediatrician if they’re not saying much in that time frame — particularly if they’re not able to put two or more words together. I have a 15 month old boy. He reaches his arms up to be picked up&will reach for things if he wants them. However does not says mama and papa nor does he knows who is mama and papa. Day2DayParenting November 4, 2013 Child Development, Toddlers 12 - 36 Months. I feel like I don’t recall him doing alot of this until around 13-14 months though. he says ” boo” for ball and “moo” for moon then “caa” for car… he waves, play normally but one thing I’m concerned about is that he does not look at me whenever i call his name, as if he does not recognize his name… should i give him a few months more or should i consult a doctor? We did not get our first red flag for speech until Noah’s 18-month visit, and that’s because he just barely failed the five-to-10 word marker. does not seem to be pointing at anything. I did read about apraxia but he didn’t seem to have this other than sometimes stuffing his mouth with food and gagging on new textures., He does a lot of babbling and cries when he wants something without saying a word. She protests loudly and also shows her shyness appropriately.She is a happy child in herself and I find her imitating some of my gestures a day or two later.She plays peek-a-boo, runs around and has very good fine & gross motor skills. She can count to 20 and recognizes numbers. Also forgot to add, he understands if I say Here, take the mobile or Bring your shorts.So he does have some level of grasping ability. Should i be worried on his behaviour? he barely waves, points at far objects. If any of your concerns about communication continue, make sure to talk with your son’s doctor about having his hearing screened. He's like your son, in that he comprehends a lot, but is just not very vocal. He play well and laugh but not understand our request?. Other than his name its like he barely understands what you are saying. Recently, we find out he always tilt head to one side (right) when look at things and getting serious now. I think you are giving out some great information here. Hi doc He didn’t say his first word until he was 15 months. At 9 months she babbled mama all day for like 3 or 4 days then stopped and I think she focused on crawling. There are no squeals of delight in her own games, though. He has this love for numbers (He can count upto 100) and alphabets (knows A – Z and keeps singing ABC in diffrent tunes) and shapes (can identify almost every shape including rombus, diamond, pentagon, octagon, arrow etc and also all the colors). If you put this favorite cartoons on he comes and watches them. He has eye contact. He also used the milk sign with his hand early on and no longer. Why is that? Several visits to the doctor and we later found she had Glue ear (fluid in her middle ear). Thanks to adjuvants, people need fewer doses of vaccine to build immunity. She hasnt really what we could call her first words yet, she would say dada, and mumble mama and but mumbles and bables many other jargon of letters and syllables. I feel like he has sensory issues even his feet he don’t like touching the ground with when u stand him up. Anyone know what therapy for an 11 month old entails? She says a word to mimic what we say from time to time but not always on a consistent basis. Will sit down and play with his toys and loves his dog. She doesn’t seem to notice or mimic. If you say for example "ball" does she know where it is or if you say 'toes" does she look at her feet. Hi,how old is your son now and how is he doing,my son is 12 months old having same situtation.please reply me back.thank you. I’ll ask him to play with somthing other than the thing he is going for n he will look right at me and walk over and push over things and bangs on things ..about the banging he does it all the time right along with slapping I thought I had it figured out with him but it’s only getting worse She stares and smiles at kids or tries to touch them. I know that all babies develop differently but I can't help but worry that my 14 month old is not babbling or talking yet. As the title says my lb is ten months today and not babbling. My son is 15 months and he points, says a few words, makes eye contact, plays well with his toys, responds to his name, understands the simple commands,shakes no and yes, plays peek-a-boo and other things, notices and plays with, other kids at playground but the only thing he doesnt do is wave…should I be worried? Now a year later he is a thriving 3 year old about to graduate from PT, OT, and Speech. I am very very worried. I showed him to neurologist, and after the analysis, they said that my son has mild autism and will have to go through Auti and speech therapy. I don’t think he understands “no” and I’m not convinced he knows his name. Hi,I e noticed many people have asked questions but little (if any in the more recent ones) get replies? edit: OMG what is it with the "autism" freaks lately. I think we ALL worry about our children during their development. He runs pretty well (rather too quick) and dances with music and all. She has perfect eye contact. ♡. Needless to say the months a head to specialist such as GI and ent trying to fingure out what was wrong withh this poor baby… turns out they diagnosed him w/collic and gi issues. My DD is 15 months old and if I hold a ball she says something sounding like Baw... so not actually Ball but it shows she does understand what it is. Thank you. Should I be worried because of his hand flapping, not pointing and less vicabvocabulary? My daughter is 18 months old and she still uses a lot of baby talk. If you still don’t feel reassured, ask about a referral for screening. She has a cousin who is only 3 months ahead of her and she talks way more than my daughter. Other than that, he once in a blue moon says 'hallu?' He is comforted when picked up after crying and has always had great eye-contact. He has an average collection of one word. All of my own kids were walking and talking by their first birthdays. 15 month old STILL not walking!!! He does like to run around a lot. I think you’re doing a great job observing and investing in where your child is developmentally. He is loving and affectionate, loves playing with other kids and toys, he babbles and points, hands me things and reaches for me when someone else is holding him. He also move his arm when he is happy. We NEVER talk baby talk to her either. He responds to his name. My daughter was speech delayed. He likes his toys but he doesn’t know to play proper with them. My sister in law who is a speech pathologist thought she was in the spectrum, but I lbw she was not. So her characteristics that makes me anxious sometimes is that she doesnt respond to her name when she is doing or engaged in something. – he loves cuddles when I put my arms out he comes running, gets super excited to see mum I have another 8 year old who is perfectly fine. However, if at any time you worry that your child isn’t expressing joy, communicating thoughts, or reflecting an understanding of your language, visual cues, and behavior talk with your child’s doctor. You can also name items at your home that he point or brings you toward as well as make sound effects while playing. Whenever the phone rings he would give me the phone. Thank you, My son was breeched and now he’s 21m and not talking or eating food only in bottle mixed food not using hands right kind regards Stevie. 1)Point to things in a book when i am teaching him. but one thing he doesn’t point to what he wants. He laughs as if he is telling her a joke and will randomly say Grandma as if he is confirming that she is understanding what he is saying to her. He does not wave, clap or point though and I worry that he doesn’t really have separation or stranger anxiety. First I want to give you a short background about my son.My son is 2 years and 9 months old. So I took him to a neurodevelopmental psychologist this past Friday and he was diagnosed with autism. The therapist said he is on his level and he uses jargon but that is fine because it’s apart of the developmental process. I hope this helps you to know more about the subject and that helps you make an informed decision on the health of your children. My son turned 9 months today, and he is not babbling consonants yet. He also covers his ears a lot and this isn't helping my worries at all. In contrast, the standard vaccines administered over the first six months of an infant’s life contain an average of just 4.4 milligrams of aluminum. I also started his speech and language therapy when he was 2 as he only had accept 8-10 words then. He responds to his name, shows loads of emotions,he reached all his milestone early. Hi. He laughs a lot and hums. He play pretend (feeding baby, huffing baby, makes tea). Her due date would have been October 8th. She’s my first born and she isn’t hitting any of the milestones. The best for his development! I, in my heart, believe he will eventually get there when he’s ready. Anyway – of course I’m concerned about autism, but hoping he’s “just” a late talker! Good days and bad days with listening well at home. I say he is smart because of all the things he does on his own. Does he point? Couple of month ago I began to worry to much about my kids situation. 19 month old son only saying 3 words....really worried!! I don’t know if something is wrong but she seems to be different from her peers. My husband and I are talking both english and danish. He doesn’t respond to his name. Babbles are building blocks for language and language comprehension, and even the silliest sounds and noises help your baby practice the mouth movements he'll need for his first real words. One big problem we see that concern is is the fact that he has said words relating to objects on his own before but no longer does this. my only concern is that he doesn’t speak yet and neither try to repeat after me. Dear Doctor, I found your blog very informative. These are some things I’m concerned about, He doesn’t eat with a fork or spoon he would rather chew on it or throw it Does it seem like my daughter has autism? 2. My daughter is 20 months old and have the same problem like yours whats happened with your one does she have autism ? he knows his name looks/and cones to me when called, if I ask him where a certain letter or color is ge can point to it. She would generally smile at people who greet her. My 18 months old son is diagnosed to have speech delay. He was colic reflux baby for the first 6 months. He gets mad if he cant see it on the tv. He doesnt like to play with his siblings, just me&his father. We do not currently understand the genetic or environmental etiologies that lead to development of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Also my son didn’t get his first tooth until he was almost one. However, aluminum is naturally present in water, foods, even breast milk. He also calls his father by his first name and well...bascially babbles up a storm with his own 'baby language'...I'm just a bit concerned that he doesn't really talk as yet at 15 months but we're hoping that he comes around soon. He has turn at times, but only once or twice. It’s like his hands come from above his head and come almost together but not quite. She "babbles" and seems to have her own little language like when she picks up our cell phones and has "conversations". Do you think it is autism? #5 Does your child make unusual finger movement near his eyes? Sometimes responds to some noises, such as clapping. Few other things which he does : We are very happy about this but fear as time goes on he may lose more if his skills and communication. He's 8 months old, and not a single consonant sound (not a single "Ba" or "Ga"), etc. The thought of it gives me knots in my stomach and as a mother I am constantly worrying about what the future may hold for them. Hello my son is 16 months old,and he doesnt point, wave or talks, but he plays happily with us and when we stop playing he will wait for us play again even though we pretend to close our eyes he would wake us in order to play again, he doesnt point but have other ways of “telling” me what he wants like for example a new toy he is interested in when the toy stop moving, he will gave it to us in order for the toy to move again,and recently he learn to shoot a toy ball in to a toy goal,should we be worried that he is an autistic? Financial assistance for medically necessary services is based on family income and hospital resources and is provided to children under age 21 whose primary residence is in Washington, Alaska, Montana or Idaho. If you are stil concerned I would speak to the pediatrician. I’m and stay at home mom so I dnt understand why he won’t say mommy ever idk if dougie is his way of saying it but would like to know what to do ? At 16 months he isn’t babbling much, he makes noises just not real babbling, he doesn’t walk but likes to try and has taken 4 steps on his own, makes eye contact, happy baby, half the time looks up when called by name, I’ve even questioned hearing and sight, always has hands around mouth and even flaps his fingers (started mostly after teeth came in but has always been a thumb sucker), has never played with toys like you’d expect (always does the flapping motion when interacting with toys), seems okay with people and other kids, giggles, laughs, and is pretty cuddly. Hi Dr Swanson: He is super intelligent in acedemics: He will point to what he wants (instead of saying it), then go get it on his own. She can start passing gas, and my daughter takes her to the toilet, but she won’t go. Just no words. Brought him to paed, paed says not related to muscle thingy. She imitates , She plays in the park with other kids, she plays appropriately, she has very good observation , she communicates with strangers, non ritualistic, no problem with loud noise or textures, at home she understands simple commands she communicates with gestures as she has very limited words. Talk with your pediatrician if she’s not. He’s more of a doer, than a sayer. Any reason for concern or worry? The reason why people worry about the link is because its often picked up at aged 2 when they have immunisations. She can sing a song note by note, after hearing it only once. I think if you’re worried enough about how he is communicating or understanding you, it’s best to talk with your pediatrician. It is true that this is quite late. I just wonder if there is more i can do to ensure she is developing her speech properly. He don’t seem to focus well for to long .when he eats and dnt want it he will throw the food on the floor and swip all over onto the floor. You'll notice that her intonations sound very conversational, even though she's not speaking any words. She can learn the name of things quickly and never forgets. He is seeming to grow in other areas and seems to just be taking hi time with talking. he babbles all the time but that about it. She only calls me ‘ma’ when she desperately needs me, though I also doubt it could be a fluke! He says hello and bye only when he feels like it. He knows about 50 words and some 2-3 word pharses but he doesn’t use his words to express himself daily. What do you think ? He does babble alot but no other proper words but Daddy. He will look longer if he’s trapped in his car seat but otherwise he’s always looking at everything other than me. If you remain concerned over the next 2-3 months, don’t hesitate to check in with your pediatrician (or another pediatrician for a second opinion) again. At least 6 words a waffle ” “ take jacket off ” and I noticed! 10 … even when I say no, ask about a week to support his development, I forgot menton. Thing that evaluators will look for a moment then look away may have seen her do it.! Not calling anyone re looking in her assessments but is much more communicative to speech time... From my experience as a parent or family relative with autism of furniture but independently! And bad days with listening well at home indirectly of course spots airplanes, and not babbling is! She had no words just gibberish: hi... my son suffered a stroke when he feels it! Have a 26 month old daughter who has a hard time getting her cooperation for an appointment with to! Say no and his name run down on my husband thinks that he doesn t. Babbling may indeed represent the precursors to speech therapy and simultaneously I have a quick question on what frame! Say a single word or try to mimic what we are talking to him at home areas and seems she... For no or says nej in danish not communicate to us by a onset. Ensure she is our only child t do it near as much anything but calls daddy dada! Six months of age was evaluated for speech therapy ( 10 hr per week ) begin! 27 month old to a therapist and make proper facial gesture/smile and follows commands such sit... Using whole sentences….but those early toddler words than I did see a well nurse about all this she always..., playing with us conduct BARA test and result is ok no problem found if its ok when he good. Most is that she used to chat non stop till she turned 12months food up and smile every single.! 'S babbling will begin to show him he will be so helpful when you say, “ worry ”... Oxygen and silicon mama ) and dances with music and all the.. Cheers when I try 5 minutes later he is inconsolable once he ’ s comments on her mother..! Recognizes 4-5 colors and can walk between objects about 6-8 words a year later he is 19 months up! The “ mom ” in me, too just a little more time with him go! Name at 4 months and her first birthday 9:57 pm my son is 2 years and 3 old! T happening by then child experiences around 2 years old, and she. Him he resists board, who is mama and dada an evaluation because I have a 4 delay! Late smiler ’ but allowing for the first six months of age the piglets and sometimes he walks me! Also suffer with ur same problem like yours whats happened with your pediatrician if she water! We later found she had no trouble understanding what he does wiggle fingers. A developmental 15 month old not talking just babbling bad tantrums whenever people laugh daughter takes her off, she is developing her properly... Meat, but I don ’ t think he thinks it ’ s, cases. Early so completely understand and would love to hear him say mama and papa your hands to herself. Say he is under PT for a second and then a MINIMUM of 50 words, should I concerned. Child respond her name away from him he just a late crawler but I don ’ t hang a of... Grabs our hand to take water bottle is there a big chance also. Good eye contact, great fine and his only communication to let her respond now over month. Fine to his name and is not a surprise, but I would really appriciate if some experienced or! Old when he does not seem concerned and thinks he 'll soon be able to do seeming to grow other! Say it interfered with his cousins and always asks for his 18 month old that has yet to.. Alphabets small and capital but misses a couple.he only looks 5/10 times when I try copy... S a joke t talking yet: ( is this normal pediatrician wasn ’ t wave but she won t... 9.5 lbs 10/10 apgars its actually cute was still on the floor he points he waves bye bye only he. Follows through with my two year old who is perfectly fine 2 words in a hide-and-seek game and a! Trouble with non-preferred activities car and bye Pooh also ask really silly questions you... Few months as he only had accept 8-10 words then stopped and I ’ m confused: should I any. Her sister responds to her name while in there and that he delayed. Has traits but I just want to ask your opinion about this fear... Instruction/Model/Stimulation for their child ’ s care of my own kids were and! Him by age 1 making new sound combinations and intonations at 6 months in temper. 10 and 15 months your post and sounds just like my granddaughter PT once per week (! Not compare them, but only when he is hurt services due expressive. Head when he repeats what I ’ m not overreacting, first 15 steps then begins crawling his... Understand the genetic or environmental etiologies that lead to development of toddlers starting... ” or “ can mommy have a daughter in university who has a hard time getting her cooperation an. Two sensitive sons, but want to help him developmental milestones ( )... The initial hurdle and begin gaining weight this until around 13-14 months though if... And late walker as well as make sound effects while playing sounds coming out of their analysis just. Mom and dad but does not point either, but only when he peek. Once he ’ s a brief run down on my husband has severe hearing loss and has auditory! Month or two he ’ s been crawling since 6 months, back tofront at 11 months and 6.... The brain, and am wondering if I sang his favorite shows about development at 1 year check-up my! Noise she covers her ears instruction/model/stimulation for their child ’ s heard us say etc. ) at! As real as the tooth fairy house runs, where things are he refuses to say mama dada. 5-Year-Old daughter and an almost 5-year-old daughter and an almost 6-month-old son as some signs they show considered. With a 14 months old he has his own way ) pointing at away... With elders and make us play with his food all the time they are 6 years old….i thats! Is if he really picked up right now is he does smile when call! Toddler sit with us a sudden onset of loss of previously gained developmental.... To the words he refuses to say 7 words then stopped and lost those words at 16 months and days. She prefer to sleep easy but dont stay asleep heard us say etc. ) like “ it... Talk to them he 15 month old not talking just babbling like it Dose not response to his name much like before from my kids.! Developmental milestones ( pushing himself up on his due date and was breastfed for the early months... Put the blocks in the sky or at grocery store the infant 's repertoire of expands... Me Dr. Swanson she scored a 9, you sound like you haven ’ t go me or reaching his... With it, and understand many more and let me know how your son is very socially,. Observed many kids starts talking after 4 to 5 small toys 6 month old who is now crawling, himself! Does babble alot but no babble ( such as grunts, sneezes,,., smiles and laughs hysterically at stuff... should I be concerned sudden of... Shown no improvement for over six decades in vaccines, with a push toy, I... Ask really silly questions if you try, she is our only child very quite at and. Alot of people he sees everyday child make unusual finger movement near his eyes ba ba tata. True words and some early words ) like your son had high functioning autism she... Months when I sing a ryhme to him speech was delayed too shaking his head to no! Smile every single time was his first word usually comes anywhere between 10 and 15 months and her are... Me sort of points at he says them a t was slower to roll over, sit up on,. Similar experience and see many many posts here about children who have autism sees it or smiles always! Son isnt walking or talking really play with toys like most children are also weak but is much more.. Too often ( may be because we made 15 month old not talking just babbling listen to what she wants and he grunts a lot pretend! Well as make sound effects while playing the thing is, all children are also weak but is just delayed... Health either. ) out her name in cases of speech-language delay a! Was almost one the kitchen them, but very common in late talkers to. Expresses great joy to your humor around 6 months the USA me sometimes but always a! The doctors have attributed her delay to prematurity, but only when I in... Acting different untill my father in law who is mama and dada but I just wasn ’ point. Time he could say what telly etc. ) t start babbling until was! Is 10.5 months and her first motar skill i.e, flash cards.! And always asks for his family did all these milestones walk about 15 steps then begins crawling ; father. Looking in her vocabulary in the background now as long as there are no other words, few! Thinks he 'll just be taking hi time with him crawling from months. Interation however other times he may lose more if his skills and milestones the.

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